Eastern-Inspired Fried Chicken

Eastern-Inspired Fried Chicken

Eastern-Inspired Fried Chicken
Eastern seasonings meet the fried-chicken style of the American south for a tasty spin on a favorite main dish.

Pour yogurt into a sizable plastic bag that can be sealed.

Make sure the chicken is coated in yogurt before adding it.

Seal the bag by squeezing out extra air.

Refrigerate the marinade for eight to twelve hours.

Chicken should be taken out of the yogurt and discarded.

Chicken pieces should be rinsed of yogurt and dried with paper towels.

Milk and eggs should be thoroughly beaten together.

In a large shallow bowl, stir together the flour, salt, pepper, curry powder, and paprika.

While preparing the remaining pieces, dip each piece of chicken into the milk mixture, then quickly press it into the flour mixture to completely coat it.

To 375 degrees F, heat the oil in a deep fryer or large saucepan (190 degrees C)

January 29, 2023

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