Scandinavian-Style Rice Porridge

Scandinavian-Style Rice Porridge

Scandinavian-Style Rice Porridge
Rice slowly cooked in milk with unsalted butter becomes extra creamy and tender while adding cardamom, sugar, and a topping of melted butter make this porridge real Scandinavian comfort food.

Using a rolling pin crush the cardamom seeds until very fine.

Place the cardamom milk rice and butter into a deep heavy pan.

While slowly stirring the milk mixture cook over medium heat for 90 minutes.

Lower the heat if necessary to prevent the milk from boiling or overheating.

Stir in the sugar and continue cooking until the mixture thickens about 15 minutes more.

Pour the rice mixture into a serving bowl.

Place 3 tablespoons butter on top and allow to melt.

Dust with cinnamon.

Serve warm or cold.

June 4, 2023

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